Our History


Lefèvre is an ancient jewellery brand that was founded in the nineteenth century, when the founding father Oreste Lefèvre, opened his workshop in the centre of Rome, in 1880.

Since then, Fabio, his son, expert in the goldsmith’s art and in precious stones and then Massimo, Fabio’s son, with the collaboration of his sisters Anna and Cecilia, keep the traditions alive and at the same time develop new initiatives working first in the headquarters in Via del Tritone and then, since 1999, in the old shop located in Via della Colonna Antonina; in the historical centre in front of the Parliament.

Massimo Lefèvre, in addition to following in his grandfather Oreste’s footsteps, specializes in the art of jewellery, alongside his father Fabio and is passionate about the study of precious stones, achieving the title of expert of the Court and the Chamber of Commerce of Rome.

Moreover, Massimo Lefèvre, thanks to the professionalism and experience of his sisters Anna and Cecilia, creates jewellery in gold and in precious stones with the help of specialized craftsmen and at the same time, with the help of his niece Valentina, Cecilia’s daughter, creates collections which are handmade by Valentina, with materials such as silver and semi-precious stones.

Our Products

Our Brands

In addition to our historic jewellery we have introduced in our store, starting from the early 90s, also a series of elegant ornaments, refined objects and fancy gift ideas with the aim of offering our customers objects that combine style together with quality.

Therefore, we carefully selected a series of Italian and foreign brands, depending on the product category, from which we stock up to keep our collections constantly updated, following the latest trends.

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