For us every jewel is unique and exclusive, it has its own history of style, its own soul, thanks to its creator and to who wears it, a natural,  but above all, an emotional value.



As a valued expert in gems in the “Tribunale e della Camera di Commercio di Roma”, il Mr. Massimo Lefèvre carries out activities such as appraisals, estimates, evaluations and consultancies.

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Appraisals, estimates, evaluations


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In order to satisfy our customers and help them to appear sophisticated and trendy, we are willing to exchange jewellery, therefore we accept to receive used gold in exchange for our items that are of equal value.

Among our many services, we dedicate ourselves with care and professionalism to our customers’ jewels carrying out appraisals and certifications, trade-ins and repairs, taking advantage of the important role of the owner, Massimo Lefèvre, as expert in precious stones to the CCIAA Camera di Commercio di Roma.

Appraisals and Certifications

For our customers we perform appraisals and certifications on:

  • Precious jewels – antique and modern
  • Diamonds, precious stones, pearls
  • Gems – mounted or loose

The first examination for evaluation and stipulation takes place at our shop in Via della Colonna Antonina 50, or alternatively, in a place agreed upon with the customer, usually a private apartment or a bank (in case of an opening of a safety deposit box).

If, following an initial inspection, special analyses on the stones is necessary, we collaborate with our trusted gemmologist who, in his historic Roman laboratory, well known in our sector, has technical and cutting-edge tools.

Naturally, our customers will be informed in advance of the costs and on the timing that this procedure requires.

Cleaning and Repairs

We believe that every jewel, if well-worn and kept, can have an almost eternal life cycle to be handed down from generation to generation as a symbol of family union and emotional value, so among our services we offer cleaning and repairs of jewellery and watches.

Furthermore, we offer:

  1. Embedding and setting of diamonds, precious stones and pearls
  2. Repair, mount or brand and reconstruction of damaged parts
  3. Polishing, gilding, rhodium plating with or without stones
  4. Tailor size of rings
  5. Stringing of necklaces and bracelets with pearls and stones
  6. Repair, service or replacement of straps of any kind of watch
  7. Hand, pantograph or laser of crests, logos and inscriptions on jewellery and watches
  8. Welding with fire or laser welding on damaged jewellery – gold or silver
  9. Welding with fire, laser or tin welding on silver objects – large or small
  10. Polishing, silver coating, gilding of silver, sheffield or silver plated objects

As we have always done since the very beginning, for these above-mentioned services we turn to our Master Goldsmiths who exercise their “manual art” in the various laboratories, according to the specific task.

To request advice on appraisals, exchanges or evaluations, do not hesitate to contact us